Welcome Mr.Dung from Vietnam to visit our company

Time: 2018-05-10 Author: DataCount:444

2018.05.10 Welcome Mr.Dung from Vietnam to visit our company We are very happy to welcome friends from Vietnamese. 

In our conversation, Mr. Dung introduced the composition of his company, his main business, and the status of the local measurement market. The client company mainly provides land surveys instruments including RTK receivers, total stations, and so on. At the same time we exchanged a lot of opinions on project cooperation in the field of measurement.

General Manager Andy Wang listened carefully to the client's statement and gave an accurate analysis. A solution is recommended for the needs of the customer.In terms of G9 and G10 product details, we introduced the receivers and made a training in outdoors. The customer is very satisfied with the test results and is highly praised.

The atmosphere of our conversation was very pleasant. In a short period of time, we built a deep friendship and gave each other gifts. We are deeply convinced that we will have better cooperation in the near future.


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