Sunnav is getting a lot of attention in INTERGEO 2018

Time: 2018-11-07 Author: DataCount:1616

October 18, 2018, the annual GermanInternational Survey and Mapping Geographic Information Exhibition INTERGEO2018 finished perfectly in Frankfurt!


INTERGEO is the world's largest surveyingand mapping industry exhibition, organized by the German Association ofsurveying, Geographic Information and Land Management Association. The INTERGEOfair is an authoritative event for geodesy throughout the world. Industryexperts such as geographic information and land management provide a very goodplatform for communication. The main audience groups of the exhibition aregovernment units with purchasing intention, professional manufacturers andother professional audience come to discuss the purchase, this exhibition isonly open to professional audiences. SunNav Technology Co., Ltd., as ahigh-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production andsales of Beidou / GNSS products, participated in the exhibition with manyproducts and received extensive attention.


This exhibition has attracted a lot ofcustomers with the design of double openings. The products include surveyingand mapping, GNSS boardS, precision agriculture, mechanical control, Beidoureceiver, UAV, radar and so on.


Andy wang is concentrating on explaining our new product AG1000 GPSland leveling system, this product has been warmly welcomed and loved in China,of course, in the international exhibition also attracted attention, andfinally won the love of many customers, the scene very happy conversation, Throughmutual recognition, we leave each other business cards, after returning tocontinue to contact, further communication.

Let's review the wonderful moments left byour clients at our booth.



 see you next year


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