SUNNAV TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.promotes the Development of Precision Agriculture in Tianjin

Time: 2019-03-25 Author: DataCount:2247

In order tofurther improve the business level and scientific and technological innovationability of agricultural technician, and to promote the application of Beidoupositioning and navigation technology in agriculture , on March 25, 2019, theTianjin Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Invited our company to participate inthe 2019 Tianjin agricultural machinery training course.

conference hall

At the meeting,General Manager Andy Wang and technician Eric Hao gave a detailed introductionand explanation of precision agricultural methods such as GPS Leveling system,Navigation system, Automatic Pilot system, Agricultural machinery scheduling, Datastatistics and so on. The participants have a new understanding of theapplication of satellite positioning and navigation in precision agriculture.

General speech

The training showed strong pertinence and practicability, helpedtechnicians enrich their theoretical knowledge, broaden their horizons, andunderstand the importance and convenience of satellite technology in the fieldof agriculture. It has laid a good foundation for them to better take root inthe extension of agricultural machinery at the grass-roots level and to leadthe scientific and technological agriculture.


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