AG808 Laser Land leveling system

AG808+ Laser Land leveling system

AG818 Laser Land leveling system

AG909 GPS Land Leveling System

AG909+ GPS Land Leveling System

AG100 Guidance System

AG300 GNSS Auto-Steering System

AG909+ GPS Land Leveling System

Widely used in the precision agri-culture of the wasteland recultivation, land renovation and leveling, slope to change terraces, paddy field leveling, dry land leveling and other large area of land formation, can also be used to build water conservancy, airport construction and large-scale sports venues

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■ Easy operation, fix the reference point of elevation by one button, start land leveling within 5 seconds and it can replace the laser leveling machine from all other      

factory and models.

■ large working range from 3km to 5km

■ GPS land leveling system can be used in the weather which include windy, dusty or foggy.

■ SunNav’s GPS land leveling system is made by high-precision RTK board which compatible with Beidou / GPS / GLONASS

■ The base station can be completely compatible with SunNav’s auto steering system and can be the Base for other Receiver

■ The base station can be installed very easily without leveling ground.

■ A-B line navigation function is used for applying fertilizer, spreading pesticides, sowing

■ PID adjusting, adjust the PT valve very easily

■ Has the function of slope adjusting, the value of slope can be set up freely.

■ The function of adjusting for Radio Channel from 410 ~470 MHz, to avoid the signal interference

■ The system can be adjusted according to different hydraulic system control parameters to adapt to different operating models

■ 7-inch LCD touchscreen shows the real time working status, including satellite numbers, height difference and positioning situation.

Parameters of Control Box


Touch Screen Resolution: 800*480, 7.5’’

Auto& Manually Operation: available

Operation Model: horizontal mode and slope mode

AB line guidance: Apply for guidance assistance

Automatic conversion parameter: WGS84 convert to Beijing54 or Xi’an80

The direction of operation for scraper: Displayed on screen

Operating system: Linux 3.2 WinCE6.0

RAM: 128M DDR3

CPU Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Operating Voltage: 12V Voltage supply

Graphics processor: PowerVR SGX530

Humidity: 10% to 90% Non-Condensation

Size (L x W x H): 205mm x 140mm x 75mm


Parameters of GPS Receiver M100S


Channels: 198 Channels

GPS: L1 C/A code,L1/L2 p code, L5



Cold start: <50s

Hot start: <15s

Signal reacquisition: <2s

Shock: Survives a 2-meter drop on to concrete

Radio Module: - Adjustable Full Band: 410-470 MHz

Size (L x W x H): 213mm x 119mm x 73mm

Weight: 1.2kg (include Internal UHF)

Humidity: 100% Non-Condensation

Working Temperature: -40°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature: -45°C to +80°C

Standalone Positioning Accuracy: 1.0m 3D RMS

Memory: 100MB

Interface: 2 Ports (Power & Data & Configuration)

Waterproof and Dustproof: IP67, can float on the water


Rugged and Light Weight

High Performance Metal

Post Processing Static:

-Horizontal: ± (2.5 + 1×10 -6×D mm

-Vertical: ± (5 + 1×10 -6×D) mm


-Horizontal: ± (10 + 1×10 -6×D mm

-Vertical: ± (20 + 1×10 -6×D) mm


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