HY-A2000(L) VTOL fixed-wing

HY-A2000 is a small electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle system, designed for small area task range design of UAV flight platform, according to the use of different selection and equipped with different equipment. Easy to carry, with a high degree of flexibility, easy to operate in a narrow space and other unfavorable environment.

HY-A2000 is mainly used in small area, high precision regional operations, especially for each flight area of 20 square kilometers in the project, while 

pure electric design for more industries to provide security considerations.Intelligent operation, applicable to single-person connection structure All use fast lock device, quick dismantling for the three parts.

Disassembly process without tools, electrical and mechanical connection can be loaded into a synchronous 1000 * 300 * 500mm box.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Aplication

 Full cabin body design, load diversified

 All-moving horizontal tail, making flying more mobile and flexible

 Fast structure, plug-in connection design, safe and portable

Wingspan : 2.126 m

Length of the fuselage : 0.99 m

Maximum takeoff weight : 6-7.5 kg

Task load : 1~2 kg

Practical ceiling : 5000 m

Highest altitude take-off : 4500m

Endurance time : 90 min

Cruising speed : 68-71 km/h

Maximum speed : 140 km/h

Wind resistance: Level 5

Vertical positioning accuracy : 3 cm

Horizontal positioning accuracy : 1 cm+1 ppm


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