HY-A3000 VTOL fixed-wing

HY-A3000 for small and medium-sized electric power vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle system, designed for small and medium-sized task area design of the UAV flight platform, continuation of UAV industrial, high stability, fully automated design , The main high reliability, high efficiency, high precision mode of operation.

HY-A3000 is mainly used in small area, high efficiency, long flight when the mission, especially for each flight area of 100 square kilometers in the project.

Easy to carry, with a high degree of flexibility, easy to operate in a narrow space and other unfavorable environment.

Intelligent operation, suitable for single operation connection structure all use fast lock device, can quickly dismantle, disassembly process without tools, electrical and mechanical connection a synchronization.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Aplication

 Full cabin body design, load diversified

 All-moving horizontal tail, making flying more mobile and flexible

 Fast structure, plug-in connection design, safe and portable

Wingspan : 3.05 m

Length of the fuselage : 1.65 m

Maximum takeoff weight : 15 kg

Task load : 4 kg

Practical ceiling : 5000 m

Highest altitude take-off : 4500m

Take-off and landing mode : Vertical takeoff and landing Operating temperature : -20℃~+50℃

Endurance time : 120 min

Cruising speed : 80 km/h

Maximum speed : 144 km/h

Wind resistance: Level 6

Vertical positioning accuracy : 3 cm

Horizontal positioning accuracy : 1 cm+1 ppm


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