T200 Android 4G Tablet

AG2000 GPS Land Leveling System

A90 GNSS RTK Receiver

C6 GNSS RTK Receiver

HY1600 Precision Echosounder

HY1601 Digital Echosounder

HY1602 Dual Frequency Echosounder

M990 GNSS Receiver

M100T GNSS Receiver

M100TT GNSS Receiver

M328 GNSS Receiver

M2 GNSS Receiver

GPS500 GPS Antenna

HT- 1A Helical Antenna

HT-2D Choke Ring Antenna

HT-3D Choke Ring Antenna

SMC-100 Laser Guidance System

SMC-200 GNSS Guidance System

Control Apollo7

Control Apollo10

HY-A2000(L) VTOL fixed-wing

HY-A3000 VTOL fixed-wing

K200 OEM Board

K482 OEM Board

K662 OEM Board

K680 OEM Board

C1 GNSS Receiver

G1 PLUS GNSS Receiver

Smart 940 Cors Receiver

Smart 6 Cors Receiver



AG808 Laser Land leveling system

AG808+ Laser Land leveling system

AG818 Laser Land leveling system

AG909 GNSS Leveling System

AG700 GNSS Leveling System

AG1000 GNSS Leveling System

AG100 Guidance System

AG300 GNSS Auto-Steering System

HY1601 Digital Echosounder

With DSP and digital imaging tech-nology, embedded industrial control system and data acquisition software, the HY1601 becomes a portable and integrated digital echo sounding system . Based on Windows XP, the survey software has abilites of automatically controlling sounding, intelligent dynamic signal detection, identifying and locked tracking, real-time monitoring, etc. Compatible with all survey software like HYPACK, EIVA and any other software packages, it is a perfect choice for surveying in the river, lake, ocean and other complex conditions.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Aplication
 Open platform,compatible with all types of acquisition and post-processing software.
 TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment,reinforced anti-jamming ability.
 Low noise reception,space and time filter adjustment,locked tracking.
 Multi-ports communications for GPS,motion sensors,etc.
 High speed USB interface,huge storage capacity
 Echogram output for real time display,storage,playback and printing.
 Available acquisition software like HYPACK,EIVA.
 High brightness LCD screen and ultra-wide angle of view. 

Transducer beam:208kHz,≤8°

Depth range:0.3m-300m


Output power:200W

Input power:22-31VDC or 180-260VAC

Consumption Power:100W

Recorder:Large capability hard disk storage

Dimensions: 400mm*130mm*310mm(Main unit)
                     10m(Cable length of transducer, adjustable)
                      3*0.7m(Supporting tube)
Weight:12kg(main unit),1.5kg(transducer),5kg(supporting tube)


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