SMC-200 GNSS Guidance System

SMC-200 high accuracy, high per-formance GNSS engineering mac-hinery guidance system developed by our company. It is widely used in Engineeringmachinery vehicle, such as pushdozer, excavator, blade grade, etc. SMC200 plays an important role in the ground leveling, road leveling and other levelingwork. SMC200 could realize digital display which could enables the drivers to watch the positioning data more directly. Its convenient and easy operation helps to improve the driver’s working efficiency significantly.

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New Features

■ Blue DisplayHigh Visibility

■ Digital location reference

■ DC Direct current

■ No switch and battey defects worry

■ Can be Compatibled with High light LED

■ Rugged design,100% waterproof

■ Wider measurement range, longer operating distance, easier height adjustment


Working distance: Radius 2-3Km

Indication range: -10m~10m

Precision display: ±1.5cm

Vertical LED indicator : YES

Interface : RS-232 or RS-485 , CAN J1939 (option)

Water / dust proof : IP67

Power source : power supply

Operating temperature : -55℃ to 85℃

DC: 9V to 16V

Dimension : 50cmx20cmx41cm

Weight : 5kg


-Channels: 352 Channels

-GPS: L1 C/A code,L1/L2 p code, L5



-Size (L x W x H): 213mm x 119mm x 73mm

-Weight: 1.2kg (include Internal UHF)


-Horizontal: ± (10 + 1×10 -6×D mm

-Vertical: ± (20 + 1×10 -6×D) mm


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